Orchistra® (US)

Intervention textuelle pour Everyday Genius avril 2010,

sur invitation de Blake Butler

version remaniée

Extrait :

A few years ago (impossible to precise) we were still refusing to plant our orchard with wind turbines, but now, rotors imperturbably dither in high-sea, constantly covered by albatrosses flight and other puffins detached in shadow puppets —those submarine plains helped us finance the project— money exudation.

(Side view of a monk puffin, sprats swarm disgorging from the beak) When I’m talking about high-sea, sorry, it doesn’t mean anything right now. I wanted to say: relatively taken away from national real estate complexes on territorial stilts (RTAFNREC-OTS). An hour at the most by Hydrospace Racing Jet Ski, one hand on the back, blindfolded. No Waterworld, no, more like Zaha Hadid. You see? Thus they are friendly aligned a la Leni Riefenstahl along the perfectly rectilinear paths covering Burberry New York, brooding in cooperation with herbaceous taken in this crystal trap. Ventilators pales answer to more distant wind turbines. And still this background noise, this ceaseless ryojiikeda humming at the very beginning of detached auricles. But you will become used to it very quickly. We are glad you noticed our advert upon the TAZ-WAINYS scattered tracts & that your oceanographic Calypso craft (former Ballard Marine Railway Company engine) has docked so easily.

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